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Pour en finir avec Fauve…

Pour en finir avec Fauve…

Le confinement a ses vertus. Champion de l’entassement et du chaos censément poétique, j’ai commis l’impensable: faire de l’ordre dans mes affaires. La fée du logis qui sommeille en moi s’est alors souvenue qu’elle avait quelque part, éparpillées sur d’antiques...

“Seeders & Leechers”, new single

“Seeders & Leechers”, new single

Second single taken from the forthcoming musical and cinematographic album Sleeper Hits:Tropical Abstractions, 'Seeders & Leechers' draws its inspiration from peer-to-peer computing, spawning a universe of horizontal and underground partitions, a mycelium of...

Sh-Ta + Shadow

Sh-Ta + Shadow

C’est une rencontre qui allait de soi. Deux duos de créateurs, deux paires œuvrant, chacune à leur manière, dans une même direction. Celle d’une double rencontre entre les pouvoirs cinématographiques de la musique et la musicalité captivante du pur cinéma. Avec...


Swiss singer-songwriter Nicolas Nadar first started his career in 2006 as Fauve. Hailed by the press, embraced by the French magazine Les Inrocks, his first, self-titled album got him invited to perform in many clubs and festivals in Switzerland and France, as well as the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2007, with Raphelson, Sophie Hunger, John Parish and The Lausanne Sinfonietta.
In 2012, Fauve released Clocks’n’Clouds, a darker, electronic-tinged album that also got him very positive reviews, both in Switzerland and abroad. In 2015, he changed his stage name to Nicolas Nadar and composed the soundtrack to the TV series Anomalia (directed by Pierre Monnard), broadcast on RTS 1 and France 5. From 2016 on, Nicolas Nadar wrote the music of several documentary films and completed his work on the musical and cinematographic project Sleeper Hits : Tropical Abstractions, released by Poor Records on vinyl and digital in june 2021.




2018: Delamuraz OST


In 2016, I was asked by Daniel Wyss to work on the soundtrack to his documentary film about the late Swiss Confederation President Jean-Pascal Delamuraz. The idea was to mix nostalgic piano pieces with epic symphonic work depicting the man’s political triumphs and failures. Here’s the result, as released in 2018.

2017: Le Business du Sang 


Soundtrack to the 2016 documentary film directed by Pierre Monnard.

Produced by ARTE, SRG and Pointprod, Blood Business follows investigative journalists François Pilet and Marie Maurisse as they reveal the illicit trade of the blood plasma industry. From the impoverished streets of Cleveland Ohio to the golden shores of Switzerland’s Lake Zurich, the film explores the intricacies around the business of blood including its role in medicine and its devastating social consequences.

2016: Anomalia OST 


Soundtrack to the 2015 TV series directed by Pierre Monnard.

ANOMALIA is a 8 times 42’ supernatural thriller set in the Swiss Alps. Top neurologist Dr. Valérie Rossier moves back to her ancestral home with her son Lucas to take a position in an exclusive clinic run by her former teacher, Professor Wassermann. As she settles into her new life, strange occurrences conspire to reveal her true heritage, as well as her family’s tragic history. As she starts developing mysterious healing power, she realizes she might be in fact a witch…

Created by Pilar Anguita-MacKay, the show has been selected by several International Festivals such as Séries Series, Mannheim-Heidelberg or The Black Night Film Festival.


2020: Covers & Leftovers 2003-2014

Digital compilation of rare and unreleased tracks

2007: An Evening At The Montreux Jazz Festival 2007

Live recording of a very special night with Raphelson, The Lausanne Sinfonietta and guests.

2012: Clocks’n’Clouds

Second studio album

2006: Fauve

First studio album


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